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Sunglass spy cameras fake oakleys were previously relegated to actual spies and weirdos that subscribed to those spy equipment magazines, but ThinkGeek has brought such covert voyeurism to the average man with $99 and change. The camera's triggered wirelessly via remote, which is very discreet, but has a fat camera on either side of the lenses, which isn't. Luckily for you the 1GB storage and MP3 earbud playback gives you a reasonable excuse as to why you're wearing such thick sunglasses in the Gold's Gym fake oakley sunglasses women's locker room.

Sci-Fi eyewear lovers are finally cheap oakleys getting more options when shopping for new shades with MyVu's release of two new models, Shades and Crystal. Both models are geared toward watching video on the go, with what MyVu describes as "glance-down technology with true cheap oakley sunglasses situational awareness." With this "glance-down tech" these glasses are even closer to mimicking their Sci-Fi alter-egos, as you might have see on IO9's Gallery of Sci-Fi Vision Systems. We had our own discount oakley sunglasses Benny Goldman testing out the new models, and sadly he didn't have many words of praise.

Benny stated, "the new replica oakley sunglasses glasses we're nauseating" with regards to the glance-down viewing, but he did report decent comfort when wearing. Each model features a brand new design and new specs over their older Edge model. The biggest difference is in the displays, since the Crystal features a new VGA display that provides the best video among the other models and the Shades has the same QVGA display that are in the old Edge model, so video doesn't look that great. Both feature rechargeable batteries and integrated in-ear ear buds, with the Shades having a 10-hour viewing time, as oakley sunglasses discount opposed to only four hours on the Crystal.